Burni Dates

Bin Romani Foods are proud to present Burni Dates made with the blend of All this nutrition enriched ingredients

What is Burni Dates

Burni is using a variety of supplements,medicine,multivitamins to keep looking beautiful and youthful. On the contrary, in many natural things, a top spot in the world is always losing palm. There are varieties, but there are some in the palms which are the highest in all the palms.The highest point of Burni Palm is because of its appreciation of the palms itself, which means “Your best palm is Burni. It is the cure for disease. Burni Palm is the best treatment for stomach” Burni Palm is used for all diseases. Burni Palm is considered the best for stomach ailments such as gas, constipation and gastroenteritis, and the stomach does not have to be hard to digest۔

Benefits of Burni dates


The amount of iron in the bronze palm strengthens the bones


Burni strengthens the muscles of the palms and strengthens the heart.

Hidden Diseases

Burni palm is perfect for hidden diseases of men.


Burni Palm is also useful for kidneys

pregnant women

Burni Palm is the perfect gift for pregnant women.


Burni improves palm gastrointestinal tract

Real People, Real Results

I used burni palm in Saudi Arabia because of the utility of Burni palm, but when I came to Pakistan, I did not find Burni palm.
Ali Gul
Burni palm has many benefits and its use is very beneficial in pregnant women, besides stomach disorders and other diseases
Muhammad Abdullah
Burni palm is rare in terms of utility, which has many benefits but is not readily available, but those with non-Romantic foods have the Asylum Burni palm satisfied.
Sofiya Ahmed
If you know the usefulness of Burni Khajoor, we probably won't use any other khajoor though everyone's utility is in place of the real Burni khajoor available at Bin Romani (Foods)
Nawaz Khan

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